The Morning After STL

11-3-22 Segment 1 All Over The Place

Tim’s hungry. Plowboy’s cinnamon roll is the size of his head. Phillies got no hit last night. What’s going on? Eagles-Texans on the same night as Astros-Phillies, what are the odds? Sbarro. Iggy’s golf pick. Dave Attell. Listeners are already upset with Ken. Iggy details the Halloween activities of stag starlets. The P&G interview with Plowsy’s director friend will go down tomorrow. We somehow get onto Mr. Feeny. Webster and Different Strokes. AVN’s. Iggy claims he can’t watch Lisa Ann’s work. The audience doesn’t believe him. Kyle Schwarber’s comment after getting no-hit. If there is a game 7, it will go up against Sunday Night Football. Eli Drinkwitz saying Blake Baker could be extended here very soon. Gotta at least try and lock him up. Who will takeover that Auburn job? Deion Sanders. Mizzou’s 2023 schedule. Why do they play so many games vs. San Diego State?

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