The Morning After STL

11-30-22 Segment 1 Press Conference Wednesday & Hosannas for Jackson

Big meeting today for future #content. The Piddles Patrol Kliq is running the Hubbard offices. Soccer injuries. Parking the bus. Electric Spanish audio of the Pulisic goal. Taylor Twellman. Tribbing will exponentially increase if the U.S. can advance to the quarters. Plowsy is classically handsome. Futbol rules. Caller of the Year nominee Steve in Wildwod joins us. Gonna have to diet before his next mic drop. Tom Rinaldi’s travel schedule. Big day for the November EMOTD. Who would play Iggy in the TMA movie? Wu Wu Wu Kenny Wu calls in. The stories of the PlowHawk and Jackson’s hirings. Hosannas are laid upon thy feet of Jackson. Braggin’ Rights finna be a pony. Jamaica. Plowsy’s passport.