The Morning After STL

12-10-21 Segment 1 Iggy on Tinder and Love Triangles

Foggy Friday. Where was the StrodeCast on that one? Iggy has a job idea, he will watch food until restaurant workers arrive. Iggy isn’t high on Iggy for Mayor. Iggy reviews a movie. Indie movies that made huge money at the box office. People from Canada texting in with HOT Maple Leafs. We love when people communicate soccer practice updates via our text line. We breakdown the love triangle between Kim K and Pete Davidson and Kanye. We investigate the layers to all of this. Dating apps. What chance do short guys have on dating apps. We need to get Iggy on a dating app. Cut/Uncut. How’s Iggy doing on Tinder? Ranking Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Kim K. Tim’s career as a bus boy. 

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