The Morning After STL

12-15-21 Segment 1 We Stan Playboy, England, and Dillion

Blues win. Sup, Charlie Lindgren. What’s the word, Sideburns? Tim’s wife fantasy team. Jackson’s time at FGCU. What’s the feet situation going to be like at TMA Live? Jackson proposes an impromptu dating game during the show today. Call in, ladies! Spready calls in instead to grill Iggy about when he lost his virginity. Do new cars have AM Radio? Eli calls in to talk wing eating and cuckholding. Iggy talks about brining Playboys to school. Being an alter boy. Jackson breaks down the Godfather. Iggy got a response from Dillion. Does Iggy Stan Dillion Harper? We re-explain what Stan means. English football. Is Manchester in London? The phone lines are poison. Doug’s run-in with stars. Are guys from England hot?