The Morning After STL

2-28-23 Segment 1 We Want Callers

The water is oh so warm. Let’s break a call record today. We are shooting for 10 callers. Chants for the Dogs. Talking skeleton logs. TMA Listener of the Month conclave will take place after the show. How are the entries looking? StrodeCast. Iggy predicts the end of winter. “C’mon, Buck. Stop picking on us.” Iggy’s music show. Dogtown Ty (Caller #1) joins the presentation. Talking mud. Being completely nude in public restroom stalls. Ty also talks LIV vs. PGA. Crestfalling ensues. Eric in the CWE (Caller #2) calls in to talk baseball. The new rule changes for pace of play purposes. Iggy delivers a PSA for people who want concert tickets. Amy Lee’s origin story. Discussing South vs. Midwest. Iggy is confused by the definition of half-birthday. BreathGate. Larry Nickel (Caller #3) joins us for the WWE Recap.

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