The Morning After STL

3-8-23 Segment 1 The Man/Woman and ASMR Ken

It’s cold out here, Bill. Would have been nice to get a heads up. Iggy offers tickets to a concert tomorrow. Some serious Blues talk gets the people going this morn. Talkin’ cap space. Colton Parakyo. The Chris Rock special. Iggy “The Vacation Police” Strode. Plowsy’s trip to Arkansas. Sketches and Bits. Coming up on the 10-year anniversary of the Man/Woman press conference. The Swope’s Picks about it. Ken claims to have never listened to a Swope’s Picks ‘sode. Talking ASMR and nude ASMR. Iggy’s career as the 1380 The Woman EP. Behind the scenes stories from that era.

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