The Morning After STL

4-12-23 Segment 1 Cruising with Doug and Iggy’s Story Hour

Tim’s soft s’s. The Dotem fees will be less than last year. Going on sale on Friday at 8am! Be ready! Doug cruise to the Mediterranean. Will he be peacocking around. Cardinals win last night in Denver. Hello Nolan(s)! If we can just get hot, we can win this baby. Miles Mikolas. Plowsy has a massive Oatmeal Creme Pie. We play guess the calories. (Chairman) Steve in Wildwood’s mic drop. The Rays can’t draw flies. They are changing the name of the Rays ballpark to the Keisha Dome. Missouri Sports Hall of Fame inductees. The film ‘Notting Hill’. Julia Roberts. Brentwood High School Hall of Fame. We dovetail into stories from Brentwood circa mid-70’s.

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