The Morning After STL

5-16-23 Segment 1 A Cheeky Little Tuesday

Doug demands we talk about the FPCC over the Redbirds 17-run victory yesterday. Cletus is going to play from the senior tees. Doug weighs in. Plowsy gives a retroactive take on Corey Patterson. Doug is fully dressed in Brewer Blue. Arenado has caught fire. Gorman is putting up big boy numbers, yet he still needs to ride the pine from time to time. Jack Flaherty had a dominating performance. 10 K’s in 7 innings of work. Doug says Contreras took an online course on how to catch. Jack gives a “cheeky little nod” to the velo question of last week. Piggyback season. The headline on Derrick Goold’s article. Cardinals odds to win the central and WS. Who are the WS favorites? Doug updates us on the Vaughn Index. The StrodeCast predicts possible rain on Friday. Doug is so unrelatable. The Dotem preview video. There will be treats and beverages aplenty on the course. PlowHawk predicts he will eat 6 donuts. NHL playoffs. Who is Doug’s least favorite fanbase, Philly or Boston? We really inform the listening audience about the city of Philadelphia. Talking about processing the audio for the podcast. The skeleton. Iggy and the Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. The FCC won’t let me be, or let me be me. Ball striking. PGA Championship this week. Oakland A’s had 2,000 fans last night. New Swope’s Picks on Jay Jr. coming soon. Bo Van Pelt was out at Gateway trying to qualify. Larry Nickel joins us for the WWE Recap. Previewing the PGA Championship. Who will win the Dotem? Wellington is willing to track Cletus’ group for scoring purposes.

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