The Morning After STL

5-22-23 Segment 1 Laissez-Faire Monday

We may need a 5-hour show today to address everything. Press Conference Wednesday. Nolan Gorman, Doug says he should play everyday. Balloon Party Doug. Dotem Pre-Party. The Dotem scoreboard. “Jehovah must have been with us.” Hole 12 was a real pony. Players struggled to reach that brutal par 3 (115 yards, downhill with no trouble anywhere). Have we groomed our listeners into being into guys? The PlowCouple & Lisa Ann’s date on Friday. Peacemaker. Someone swiped Iggy’s bowling ball. Giveaways. St. Louisan and PGA Pro Michael Block’s performance at the PGA Championship. Laissez-faire attitudes. Brooks. LIV’s future. Pepper me with your kisses. The DP Tour. Michael Wellington joins the program to talk Dotem and Michael Block. We do the live drawing of the EDF raffle.

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