The Morning After STL

5-25-23 Segment 1 Great Seashells in the Morning

We are little holiday weekend boy pigs. The PlowHawk’s cardigan. Iggy is directing folks around City Place. Giving birth to perfume bottles. Will Smith. Memorial Day weekend plans. Salad tossing. Hot bald women. Naughty Memorial Day stories. How does one find orgies? Carrot Top. Wayne Newton and Barry Manilow. Vegas shows. We should go on tour. 30A. Florida towns. Iggy’s cameos. Iggy will cuck your dad for Father’s Day. Cameo logistics. Michael Block telling a story of getting a text from Michael Jordan. Is Block getting a big head. Hand cranking. Camping in parking lots. Plowsy’s camper. Lot lizards. We get a stream of conciseness going about ’70’s sitcoms. BBQing and Tongsmans. Doug’s grill problems continue. Dad burgers. Feather talk.

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