The Morning After STL

7-19-23 Segment 1 Airing of Grievances

We are the #1 HD-2 show, and the Cardinals are the #1 baseball team. We play the calls of Arenado’s walk off. Doug has some fantasy baseball beef. Where’s Prod Joe? “Producer Joe is listening to the show this morning…” Doug is calling for Joe’s head. Talking gas stations. Powerball discussion. How much of that billy would you get? Iggy vs. Taxes. Paramore. Iggy vs. Tirico. Iggy is letting everyone have it. LeIggy. Prod Joe isn’t going away this morning, act accordingly. KG in O-Town dunks on Iggy by getting Mike Tirico’s phone number. Iggy has to eat his hat. Ken the weather Nostradamus. Super Bowl champion Carey Davis stops by the studio to talk about it all. Carey talks about winning a Super Bowl and his time at I-L-L.

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