The Morning After STL

7-27-23 Segment 1 I’m Rizzin’ These ‘Cruits

Doug’s not going to be much good to us. He’s itchy. Iggy is out today sick. The 101 listeners get a tad banty. The Angels making big moves as the deadline looms. Jack Flaherty’s thoughts on yesterday possibly being his final start. What kind of money do you think Flaherty will get? Ken Rosenthal’s thoughts on what the Cards can get. Can they trade Gorman? Plowsy’s trip to Colorado. TMA lore. Jackson doesn’t do ticks. Drink throwing out the first pitch tonight. Brian Kelly grinding on recruits with a 360 camera. Pac-12 falling apart. Over/Under 6.5 wins for Mizzou this year. KG and Lix wouldn’t be caught dead in Eureka. Tournament of “Snob Guys.” Bourbon Snob is really taking a LOT of shrapnel. Golf cart snobs are apparently a thing. Microweens vs. Landing Strips. New record for longest first hour.

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