The Morning After STL

8-22-23 Segment 1 Lesbianism at The Little League World Series

24 hours until Jackson & KG leave for Sin City. Rick and KG’s chances of getting home in Vegas. Iggy would be at 75%. If Rick gets a couple of boat drinks in him. There’s another strong stream in the restroom this morning. The Dirty. Tucker checking in this morning with tales of lesbianism in Williamsport. Secretion. Ambassador of hot lezzys. Pool parties in Vegas. Jackson might get a temporary tattoo before going. Husky gals in the corner pleasuring themselves. Those pesky army bases. Going to the zoo with strippers. Hookers are people too. Iggy with a nice little stripper story and the texts aren’t great. Jackson is dedicating this show to Heather Graham. Larry Nickel with the WWE recap.

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