The Morning After STL

8-3-23 Segment 1 The In-N-Out Interrogation

It’s sports doldrums season. Iggy’s tendonitis is keeping him from golfing much. Huntin’ flies. KG and Jackson’s dining plans in Vegas. What will they be wearing out on the strip? Ankles will probably be out. Haters be hating. Iggy’s not high on Vegas because there’s nothing to do. This fly is really wreaking havoc. Leta Lindley’s length. Jackson vs. Steve in Wildwood. Iggy may or may not have had a flight attendant put In-N-Out Burgers on ice. Doug misses Spready. He was goofy. QFTA: A Cute Little Squirting Story. The interrogation of Iggy’s burger story continues. Mt. Rushmore of burgers in the STL.

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