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Adam Oates Talks “Hull and Oates” Event at The Pageant, Blues Memories

Former Blue and Hockey Hall of Famer Adam Oates will join Brett Hull on stage at The Pageant Thursday night for Hull & Oates Unplugged, an event being held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of them playing together in St. Louis.

Oates joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Wednesday to discuss the event and other topics surrounding the Blues and the NHL.

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Read some excerpts and listen to the interview here:

How many stories will you really be able to tell at the “Unplugged” event?

“For Brett, unplugged doesn’t seem to be the right word because I don’t know if he was ever plugged in. He’s never been shy about giving his opinion. I’m the same way…though I was a little more secretive about how I used my sarcasm than he was.”

What do you remember most about that time?

“The hockey was fantastic. (Hull and I) were both young guys. You feel invincible and the team was playing great. It was just so much fun to watch Hull score every day. We’d all talk about it like this is incredible. Honestly…it really is kind of a whirlwind. It happens so fast. You don’t appreciate it as much until later. It was a great time.”

Here’s the complete interview:

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