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Brett Hull Believes Teams Want to Avoid Blues in Playoffs; Says Game Has Changed

Blues legend Brett Hull joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Tuesday to talk a plethora of Blues topics as the team heads into final games of the regular season and prepares for the playoffs.

Read some excerpts and listen to the interview below:

On the Blues’ four straight shut-outs:

“CuJo had a streak in the playoffs one year that was pretty epic against the Blackhawks…But they’re on one heck of a streak, but that’s what it takes in the playoffs. I feel bad for Hitchcock…because having to decide who to run with is a tough decision, but they’re so professional, whoever gets the nod going into the playoffs will have the full support of his partner.”

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On how the team is trending in the right direction this time of year than in recent seasons:

“The other teams are good too. This team is as good or better than all the other teams. It seems like the other years, the injuries were starting to hit now as opposed to guys getting healthy like they are right now. The only concern I’d have is the goal scoring. It gets harder to score in the playoffs. You need someone to step up and help (Vlad Tarasenko) score those big goals. Hopefully that’ll happen. If that doesn’t happen, thankfully they’ve got two great goalies back there to hold down the fort.”

Do you think the players think about not having success in the playoffs the past few years?

“I think that’s kind of an individual thing. Some people hold that pressure in…and it eats away at them. Other guys thrive on that pressure. Other guys…they’ve got to have amnesia…because there’s really nothing you can do about it.”

On the emergence of rookie forward Robby Fabbri:

“With the emergence of Fabbri…if he does it right and gets his chances, he could be a game-changer for us. It seems like he’s got the knack to get those game-winning goals. You can’t teach that, some guys just have it.”

Is there a match-up in the first round you would or wouldn’t like to see the Blues get?

“I don’t know. I’m of the firm belief right now…I think it’s all those other teams going, ‘Can we do anything not to play St. Louis’? I think we can beat anyone, we’ve proven we can beat anyone. We’ve got a Stanley-Cup-caliber team. We’ve got a great team.”

Here’s the interview:

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