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Dan McLaughlin on Cardinals’ Offense, Pitching Needs and Jason Heyward

Brendan Marks, Tue, 19 May 2015 19:37:00 GMT

St. Louis Cardinals television play-by-play man Dan McLaughlin of Fox Sports Midwest spoke with CBS Sports 920’s Patrick Imig and John Semar Tuesday to discuss an assortment of topics surrounding the team.

We’ve typed up some notable excerpts from the interview. Listen to the whole thing below:

From a broadcaster’s perspective, how do you stay sharp for 14 innings?

“I don’t know if we’re sharp or on-point. We try to be that way. But it’s fun, I love these kind of games. I love the strategy that goes in to that. I love seeing what Mike Matheny would’ve done if we would’ve gone 16 or 17 innings and what positions guys would play and does a pitcher become a position player at some point or does a position player become a pitcher. All those things come in to play and I think it’s fun. Hopefully the fans enjoy it too. I know it’s slow, it’s not hockey, it’s not football, it’s not basketball. But to me that’s the beauty of the sport.”

In your opinion, is there cause for concern with the Cardinals offense and the increase in strikeouts as of late?

“I think they’ve run in to great pitching, that’s the number one thing that comes to mind. I’m not overly concerned with it…I think when you look across the board in baseball, power is just so down. You’re going to have to get that whether it be from Holliday, Peralta, Adams, Heyward at some point, maybe Randal Grichuk. Everybody wants to get power in their line-up and we’re not seeing that.”

Tonight, Michael Wacha and Jonathan Niese face-off. Thoughts on the match-up?

“The one thing that comes to mind is, where are the innings going to come from? In particular, from the bullpen? They need another starter to go deep…Hopefully Michael Wacha goes deep in to the game.”

On the Cardinals’ pitching needs:

“Let’s see (Jaime Garcia) on Thursday, and if he can settle things down and give you innings and be healthy, it really has a trickle-down effect to your bullpen. Before I would make adjustments with my line-up, I would look harder at pitching. I’m very concerned right now with the lack of innings from the starters.”

With Jason Heyward struggling like Peter Bourjos did last year, do you think there’s any merit to a guy needing time to adjust to a new team?

“I look at it this way with Heyward: He’s a free agent to be. And some guys go into that free agent year and put up big numbers. Other guys, they don’t, for whatever reason. This is kind of who Jason Heyward is. He’s a great defender, he can run the bases, he’s got an exceptional arm. Let’s let him get settled in, it’s still early. I didn’t expect the guy to come out and hit 35 homers and hit .300.”

Here’s the complete segment:

Download: Dan McLaughlin on Imig and Moe