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DeArmond: Mizzou Must Get Young Players Experience With Eye on Future

Brendan Marks, Mon, 19 Oct 2015 16:02:00 GMT’s gabe dearmond joined the ryan kelley morning after on monday to discuss the tigers’ 9-6 loss to georgia over the weekend and what the program should do with them being out of sec east title contention.

We typed up some excerpts from the interview, which you can listen to by clicking the audio player below:

On why the Mizzou defense is so good:

“The defensive line is better faster than they anticipated. Kentrell Brother is playing like a first-team All-American. I think Aarion Pentson by the time he’s done may be the best cornerback Gary Pinkel’s coached at Missouri. Penton has two years left. Teams done throw the ball at him. The one thing Missouri’s defense can’t do is catch. They (had the chance at five interceptions). You can’t ask your defense to pitch a shut-out and get three takeaways every game. That defense played well enough to win that game. It almost has the feeling right now, if the opposition scores a touchdown, it is in great doubt whether Missouri has much chance to win the game.”

What do you blame for the offensive woes?

“I think it starts with offensive line. It was awful on Saturday. Pinkel said after the game it seemed like they had somebody unblocked on every play. That’s a damning quote and he’s right. The other problem is, when Drew Lock does have time, either he doesn’t make a good throw or the receiver doesn’t make a good play. The problems are everywhere. I tend to think the line is most of them. I don’t know if Brett Favre could win behind this offensive line right now.”

On what Mizzou should do going forward:

“They can’t win the SEC East, forget about it, they’re done. This coaching staff has to start playing some of the younger guys. At some point…they have to get some other guys experience. They only have seven offensive linemen who have seen the field this year in meaningful time. Five of them are seniors. As of right now, they’re going to open the season against West Virginia next year with Nate Crawford, Alec Abeln and three linemen who have never taken a meaningful snap in college. That’s a disaster. You have to have an eye on the future.”

Here’s the complete segment:

Gabe DeArmond Talks Mizzou on The Morning After