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Derrick Goold Gives Update on Matt Carpenter, Talks Potential Trade for Hamels

Brendan Marks, Tue, 12 May 2015 15:03:00 GMT

st. louis post-dispatch beat writer derrick goold popped in on the ryan kelley morning after on tuesday to talk several cardinals topics, including the ailment affecting third baseman matt carpenter and its severity.

“I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to Matt Carpenter. I know the Cardinals were quite concerned with what happened…the light-headedness, the dizziness…The accelerated heartrate got their attention. There were a lot of symptoms they were trying to decode for the actual cause and the underlying reason. They thought there was a virus, so there was a blood test just to see if he’s OK. They had a concern about his heart, that it was a cardiovascular reason, so they put him through a battery of tests for that,” Goold said.

The Cardinals beat writer said speculation has run rampant on Carpenter’s condition, partly because of policies protecting a player’s privacy.

“Matt Carpenter does have a right to privacy when it comes to his medical condition. Baseball…has become more vigilant in defending,” Goold said. “There are times when a team will say nothing about an injury until that player gives permission. There are many layers here. I think these things are mixing to create a whole lot of speculation.”

Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak talked with the media on a conference call Monday and sounded pretty optimistic about Carpenter’s availability this week.

“Matt’s flying (to Cleveland) today…and will be available for tonight’s game. They’re gonna run him through the usual…take BP, run on the field, whatever they need to do to determine if he’s ready to play,” Goold said. “They do have the DH available…so they could have him hit and not go onto the field. Mozeliak suggested it should be ‘business as usual’ pretty soon for Matt Carpenter.”

Goold also talked about the Cardinals potentially making a trade for a starting pitcher. We’ve typed up some of those talking points. Listen to the whole segment below:

On The Cardinals seeing what they have in Jaime Garcia and Marco Gonzales before looking outside the team for starting pitching:

“It makes sense for multiple reasons. They have those guys under control. And it’s May…so the longer this goes…halfway through June, into July, you’re going to have a far beter sense of who’s available…and there will be plenty of pitching available. There will be a wider variety of choices to make. The Cardinals last year at the trade deadline added two pitchers. It’s not a stretch to see them do the same thing.”

On a potential deal for Cole Hamels and what it would take to get him:

“The Cardinals need some of these guys pitching well because it’s going to take a pitcher to get Cole Hamels. So, if Marco Gonzales is part of this deal, is that happening today when he’s just back from a shoulder injury? That’s just an example. The description I’ve always heard is they want three players already in the Majors or on the cusp of the Majors. They want a starting pitcher, they want a high-end hitter. And then a high-end prospect.”

Other pitchers who may be available, even though that could change?

“Scott Kazmir is one. Aaron Harang, who’s on the same team as Hamels. I know Kyle Lohse is going to be part of the conversation at some point in time. He might be moved sooner than later. There’s the names floating out there now. “

Derrick Goold Talks Cardinals on The Morning After