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Derrick Goold Talks Cardinals’ Comeback Win Over Cubs, Bench Bats and Marco Gonzales

Brendan Marks, Tue, 05 May 2015 16:27:00 GMT

st. louis cardinals beat writer derrick goold joined the ryan kelley morning after on tuesday to discuss several topics surrounding the team, including its franchise-best 19-6 start to open the season.

We’ve typed out the major talking points. You can listen to the whole segment below:

On Carlos Villanueva keeping Cardinals in game last night after poor Carlos Martinez outing:

“(He did) what he told us in spring what he wanted to do. He wanted to be a ‘calming prescense,’ as he put it. He just saw them chip away, chip away, chip away and he figured if he could keep the Cubs at bay they might actually win the thing. Just an interesting game all around.”

On the Cardinals’ bench productivity:

“It’s better than advertised. It has guys who can fit certain roles. Mark Reynolds has been exactly (what they hoped). He’s going to strike out and he’s going to hit home runs. It’s a trait the Cardinals haven’t had before. Peter Bourjos looks more comfortable…and a lot healthier than he had at any point last year. I think what it brings is more flexibility, more versatility…it’s the chance for them to show the depth of their roster.”

Have an update on Marco Gonzales’ injury?

“He’s got to make a start in AAA first and then that’ll determine if he’s ready for the next one out. It’s been long enough now ehere he’s going to need to rebuild some arm strength. They’re not going to throw him straight from injury into the majors. They kind of knew they’d have to hold serve for three weeks or so before getting a guy like Gonzales or (Jaime Garcia) who they hope can…take the spot left in the rotation by Wainwright’s injury.”

What do you expect from Tyler Lyons?

“We’ve seen him make very good starts. I think you expect that from him. He has the ability to go six innings…It ties mostly to what kind of command he has with his fastball and how aggressive he can be with it. What we haven’t seen from him is that kind of start over the course of several weeks.”

Goold talked more about the Cardinals on The Ryan Kelley Morning After. Listen to the segment here:

Derrick Goold Talks Cardinals on The Morning After