The Morning After STL

Derrick Goold Talks Cardinals Starters, Bullpen

Nick Yahl, Thu, 23 Jul 2015 14:55:00 GMT

derrick goold of the st. louis post-dispatch joined the ryan kelley morning after to talk about the cardinals comeback win over the white sox and potential trade pieces.

We wrote out some of the most notable excerpts from the interview. You can find the full interview by following the link posted below.

Derrick Goold Talks Cards on The Morning After

With the way the Cardinals rotation is pitching and the guys that are close to ready from the minors I don’t see the Cardinals going after a pitcher, do you?

“I think they’re looking. I think they won’t ignore the starting pitching available because there is a lot of it and there’s an opportunity to change the look of the rotation with some of the guys out there. They have depth, but you can add some certainty with the right move. Certainty is very valuable in the final few months of a season.”

“You also look at the bullpen. The Miami Herald mentioned yesterday that the Cardinals might have some interest in Cishek from the Marlins. You think about what they have asked the bullpen to do. Kevin Siegrist has made almost 50 appearences in the Cardinals 60 wins. Seth Maness has been used pretty much every other day. You start looking at that bullpen, you think if they could add a piece there then they’d be a little better off.”

I think the bullpen is pretty underrated?

“They’ve pitched exceptionally well. The Cardinals focused a lot on the work load of Wacha and Martinez and their innings, but look at what the bullpen has had to do. Maness, Siegrist, and Rosenthal have had a lot of work put on them in the absence of Belisle and Walden. We’ll have to wait and see how much faith Matheny puts in those relievers when they come back, but it’s not about changing a strength it’s about maintaining a strength when it comes to both the bullpen and rotation.”

What do you think the Cardinals have in Tuivailala?

“They have at worst a future setup guy. What he’s done and the adjustments he’s made combined with the raw power he has, he could be a great seventh or eighth inning guy. He’s developed the cutter and a power curveball as well. I think he is a late inning fire cracker for this team in the future.”

Who would the Cardinals trade away right now?

“They have some young pitching and some outfielders they could trade. A lot of the guys they could trade you’ve probably seen circulate thtrough the majors. If they get into some big game hunting they’re going to get questions about Alex Reyes, but there’s no way they’ll trade him.”