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Derrick Goold Talks Holliday’s Streak, Adams’ Injury and Cardinals’ Persistance

Brendan Marks, Thu, 28 May 2015 14:00:00 GMT

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Thursday to talk a number of Cardinals topics, including Matt Holliday’s National League record, Matt Adams’ injury and how the team has continued to overcome injuries.

We’ve typed out some of the notable excerpts. Listen to the whole thing below.

Can you give us some perspective on Matt Holliday breaking the National League record for games reaching base safely to start a season?

“I was struck by the fact…what stood out is the five guys who have longer streaks all are in the American League. I thought it was interesting there are three teams that have had guys with streaks of 40 or more games to start a season. Those three teams are the New York Yankees, the Chicago White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals. The two Yankees are (Lou Gehrig) and (Derek Jeter). The two White Sox are Luke Appling and Frank Thomas. Those four guys are in the Hall of Fame. And the two guys from the Cardinals are Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday. And Albert Pujols is on his way to the Hall of Fame. I thought that was fascinating company for Holliday to get into.”

Do you think Matt Holliday has a shot at the Hall of Fame if he plays another five or six years?

“Yeah. I think you have to talk about that longevity there. That’s what would get him there. Another batting title, an MVP would help. He’s going to have some bulk numbers that’ll be interesting. I think he’s going to be compared to Dale Murphy.”

Matt Adams is out three to four months. What do you think the Cardinals will do to replace that production long-term?

“Mark Reynolds is the go-to guy there. That’s why they signed him. They wanted to test Matt Adams and let him know there was somebody who could take at-bats away from him. An injury isn’t the ideal and now they have him and will let him roll with it. First base was always a flux position for them…it’s not the easiest position to find a proven performer. Because the proven performers are All-Stars and MVP-caliber guys and teams like to hold onto those. There’s a spectrum of possibilities out there.”

More on Reynolds:

“The guy does have seven consecutive years of hitting 20 home runs. The last time the Cardinals got that kind of power from first base consistently, (Pujols was playing there). Yeah, there’s going to be strikeouts, but there’s a power component that he brings.”

On the Cardinals overcoming major injuries:

“They have found ways to win when they’re not at their best, when the injuries have lopped off some players. Wainwright and Adams may not contribute again this season, but the Cardinals have found ways to win. We’ve seen them rally and steal games that (they shouldn’t have won). They’ve given themselves a cushion. They play .500 baseball from here and that’s still enough wins to get in the postseason these days.”

Here’s the complete segment:

Derrick Goold Talks Cards on The Morning After