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Derrick Goold Talks Lackey’s Future, Cardinals-Reds Series

Brendan Marks, Tue, 04 Aug 2015 14:42:00 GMT

derrick goold of the st. louis post-dispatch joined the ryan kelley morning after on tuesday to discuss some cardinals topics as the team embarks on a six-game road trip against the reds and brewers.

We typed up some excerpts from the interview. Listen to the whole thing below:

Think Lackey will be back with the Cardinals next year?

“There’s a lot that makes sense there. I think he’s been a really good fit. His whole affect, a veteran guy. The rotation was rocked early on with the absence of Adam Wainwright. Here comes a guy who’s been around…Been with World Series teams. Has a reputation for kind of being grizzled. And there’s a place for that. And I think a lot of the younger guys have taken to him…including things off the field he’s done. He’s not going to get anywhere near what he’s worth. FanGraphs says he’s at an $18 million production. At his age, the length of the contract may be more appealing for the Cardinals. It will be interesting to watch. But you just can’t ignore how he’s thrived and how he’s helped others thrived.”

On match-ups against the Reds and Brewers this week:

“This is not the clash in August the (Reds and Cardinals) should have had. This is a road trip that a couple years ago would’ve been a defining one. Now it’s just a feast one. This is almost like the rebuilding tour for the Cardinals. They get to go see what the Brewers and Reds have in years to come. Not the exciting clash the teams hoped for.”

The Reds have some really good players on their team. Why do they struggle?

“I think it’s pitching. I think they hitched their wagon to Homer Bailey, who could provide innings. There’s just always been a search for consistency at the back of their rotation. Mike Leake too. They just could never find consistency after them. In a ballpark like they play in, that can hurt you. Their roster structure has not been enough to support the facade of talent they have. They haven’t had the structure to hold it up.”

Derrick Goold on The Morning After