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Derrick Goold Talks Rosenthal, Standings ‘Cushion’ and Lackey-Molina

Brendan Marks, Tue, 16 Jun 2015 14:22:00 GMT

St. Louis Post-Dispatch beat writer Derrick Goold made his regular appearance on The Ryan Kelley Morning Tuesday to discuss several Cardinals topics ahead of Tuesday’s interleague day game against the Minnesota Twins.

What’s going on with Trevor Rosenthal? Matheny said he was experiencing discomfort?

“Tightness in his shoulder. Maybe related to some of the work he’s done recently. Had they played on
Sunday he would not have been available that day either. That sends up some caution. (Rosenthal) mentioned it was just time for his arm to get a break. The Cardinals entered the season with the idea they’d shut him down for a couple days if he’s feeling a bit off.”

Kevin Siegrest seems to be throwing free and easy and in a good place right now:

“He’s going through this regimen of nerve flossing. It’s basically just massaging and manipulating to free up some of the nerves. He also just recently…he’s kind of rediscovered some mechanics. Over the last month he’s been able to reconnect and find mechanics he’s more comfortable with. Probably the most apparent at all is the velocity is back.”

Do the Cardinals just stay the course since they continue to win amidst all the injuries?

“I think in the immediate terms…what they’re building is a cushion for when this stuff catches up to them. If they can outrun these injuries, good on them and the deserver all the credit. But these kind of things, especially injuries to their key-point, at some point in time the offense is going to have to carry this team and be there as the innings start to evaporate this summer. They still have a lot of division games and the Cubs are only a few games back.”

On Lance Lynn and his injury:

“He hoped to get some direction yesterday…clearance to start prepping for a start in Miami. That’s what he was hoping. The original schedule called for him to take seven days off…then begin whatever strengthening program and attacking some of the things they think are leading to the forearm (issue). He wanted to get the acknowledgement…that he could go about his business.”

John Lackey and Yadier Molina had a little shouting match in the dugout:

“It was a good little cayenne in the dugout. At one point in time Lackey was clearly animated and furious and Yadi wondered if it was at him and became furious. It was either a case of mistaken identity and Lackey was mad at himself and Yadi thought it was at him. Or it was a misplaced yell and Yadi thought it was at him. It boiled over and then it calmed down really quick.”

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