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Derrick Goold Talks Strong Martinez Outing, Biggest Concerns Surrounding Cardinals

Brendan Marks, Thu, 02 Apr 2015 16:29:00 GMT

St. Louis Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Thursday to discuss several topics surrounding the team as they prepare for Sunday’s regulare season opener.

We’ve typed out the major talking points. You can listen to the whole segment below:

Any news?

tommy pham is going to see a doctor in texas because his muscle leg injury hasn’t cleared. otherwise, there’s really not a whole lot of drama left. he was having an excellent camp. he’s a guy who’s a defensively strong outfielder and can crank on fastballs. the drag on him remains there’s always been injuries.”

Carlos Martinez had a strong outing Wednesday. What stood out?

“What didn’t? There was no part of that that was not exceptional. There was no part of that that was not exceptional. Command of all his pitches. Throwing a 77 mph curve one moment, a 96 mph fastball the next. Strikes out David Wright three times. It was a very fascinating display of the pitcher they have been thinking he could be all along. Very impressive outing.”

Update on Jaime Garcia:

“He played catch yesterday. He’s going to remain (in Florida) with an extended spring, then they’re going to move him into a bullpen. They’re going to put him on arm strength exercises, do some focus off the mound. He’s not shut down, he’s working.”

What are your biggest concerns about the Cardinals?

“The offense. Are they going to score runs? You can’t judge that in spring. Everything comes with a qualifier. We haven’t seen an opposing pitcher at full strength yet go against (their line-up). I wonder where that extra base power comes from.They’ve shown they may have more ways to score this off-season. I think the question remains if this two-year trend of lacking power, does it continue or does this new make-up end it?”

Goold talked more about the Cardinals on The Ryan Kelley Morning After. Listen to the segment here:

Derrick Goold Talks Cardinals on The Morning After