The Tim McKernan Show

Ep. 10 – Picking and Groaning

Joe Pelusi produced a morning radio show for Tim from 2004 to 2013 and now the two have reunited to talk gambling, fantasy sports, DFS, and to commiserate about life in general.  Points of interest in this conversation include: How Tim’s live bet of the over in Game 7 of the World Series backfired Hot betting tips on the world of European Soccer from Prod Joe Discussing if the Mizzou Tigers have been overvalued by bettors What exactly is the strategy behind a Sweetheart Teaser Why is Producer Joe finally picking the Rams after 5 years Bankroll management, a controversial fantasy trade, and bow hunting?   You can follow Producer Joe on Twitter: @ProdJoe   Please support our sponsors: The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley James Carlton Agency (State Farm) Gateway Buick GMC   Follow the show on Twitter: @McKernanShow @tmckernan @SeaMonster590 Like us on Facebook:   Special thanks to Story of the Year for providing our theme music.  Please rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes so more people can discover the podcast.   Feedback is always welcome:

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