The Tim McKernan Show

Ep 5. – Tyoka Jackson

Episode 5 of the Tim McKernan Show features a conversation with former NFL defensive lineman Tyoka Jackson. Topics with Jackson include, how he would approach the anthem if he was still playing in the NFL, what are most NFL players protesting specifically? How should veterans feel about the NFL protests? How does Tyoka feel as a parent in today’s racially charged culture? How prevalent is racism in everyday life? What’s the best possible result of the NFL protests? What is his reaction to the protests in St. Louis? His response to people who ask if NFL players should be allowed to protest while they’re “at work”? Does he expect Colin Kaepernick to play again in the NFL? Is there an unfair standard when it comes to second chances in the league? How have race relations changed since his days playing in the NFL? What he’d like fans to do as as result of these protests? This episode was recorded from Studios. 

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