The Tim McKernan Show

Ep. 97 – Joe Theismann

The Super Bowl winning QB and accomplished broadcaster now spends most of his time working as a corporate speaker.  Joe chatted with Tim from Las Vegas in May 2018 to discuss his post-football life, advice for success, and Tim’s mom…?   The leisure activities Joe will enjoy while in Las Vegas Why people watching and human behavior is like poker What does Joe discuss during his speaking engagements Insight on when someone should be considered a success How interpersonal communication has changed in his life Joe’s thoughts on parents influencing their kids as athletes Why he chose professional football over playing baseball The backstory on how Joe met Tim’s mom at Notre Dame How he compares winning versus losing the Super Bowl Discussing some of Joe’s favorite TV broadcast partners   Please support our sponsors: The Home Loan Expert, Ryan Kelley James Carlton Agency (State Farm) Johnny Londoff Chevrolet Design Aire Heating & Cooling   Follow us on Social Media: @TimMcKernanShow or   Thanks to Story of the Year for our theme.  Please rate, review, and subscribe so more people discover the pod.  Feedback is welcome:

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