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Goold: Cardinals Could Drag Out Playoff Rotation Decision

Brendan Marks, Tue, 30 Sep 2014 16:48:00 GMT

by all accounts, john lackey, shelby miller and michael wacha are vying for the last two spots in the cardinals playoff rotation after adam wainwright and lance lynn. john lackey will most likely get one of those, with shelby miller and michael wacha vying for the fourth.

As Joe Strauss noted last week, while Miller has pitched well down the stretch, he has struggled against the Dodgers over his career. Meanwhile, Wacha was brilliant against Los Angeles in last year’s NLCS but hasn’t fully recovered from a shoulder injury sustained earlier this season.

Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch believes the Cardinals will wait until the last minute to make their decision.

“I would not be surprised if they drag this out a minute..You know, where they announce who Game 1 is, they announce who Game 2 is…and then (the Cardinals) say ‘oh, we’ll see where the series is at for Game 3,” Goold said on the Ryan Kelley Morning After Tuesday.

Goold said it would make sense to start Miller at home for Game 3 Monday, but the Cardinals continue to leave open the door for Wacha.

“They could put five guys on (the NLDS roster), and just kind of leave it mysterious and try to play off that,” said Goold. “I think we’re in for some threatrics the next few days.”

Goold said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Cardinals give Wacha a start, something Strauss said on Friday would irk some members of the clubhouse.

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Derrick Goold on The Morning After