The Morning After STL

Hummel: Carpenter is ‘Back in his Comfort Zone in Leadoff’

Nick Yahl, Fri, 31 Jul 2015 14:50:00 GMT

rick hummel of the st. louis post-dispatch joined the ryan kelley morning after to discuss matt carpenter and the trade deadline.

We wrote out some of the most notable excerpts from the interview. You can find the entire interview by following the link posted below.

Rick Hummel Talks Cardinals on The Morning After

What do you think has been the issue with Matt Carpenter?

“Well I do think he wasn’t well for awhile there. From a structural standpoint I think he tried to change his hitting approach when he went down in the order. I think he felt like he needed to hit for more power like he had been doing at the top of the lineup and got his swing messed up. Now that he’s back at the top of the lineup he’s back in his comfort zone.”

I think keeping him in the leadoff spot is the right move.

“They wanted to move him back in the hitting order because he was hitting so hot and for some reason that just didn’t work for him. So you go back to what was working for both him and the team.”

Martinez’s attitude sometimes can be a double edged sword. What are your thoughts on that subject and the gesture he made last night towards the Rockies dugout?

“I certainly think some of the veteran players will talk to him about that, but there’s nothing you can really do. I think part of him was frustrated about the way he was pitching, but throwing at batters isn’t going to get you anywhere and that puts your teammates in jeopordy as well.”

Do you think right now the Cardinals have enough offense to get them to where they want to go?

“Well that’s the big question. They don’t have an unlimited supply of prospects since trading Kaminsky for Moss, which as terrific a risk as it was he’s not going to be here for three years. They did need a bat, but Moss is kind of like Reynolds where he strikes out a lot. He was the best that was available for what they could give up. They got a pitcher in Cishek and they got a bat in Moss and that’s all they were looking for.”