The Morning After STL

Jeff Fisher Talks Nick Foles, Todd Gurley and Bud Sasser

Nick Yahl, Fri, 05 Jun 2015 16:12:00 GMT

st. louis rams head coach jeff fisher joined frank cusumano on the hollywood casino pressbox to discuss his charity softball game, nick foles, bud sasser, and todd gurley.

We wrote out some of the main excerpts from the interview below. You can find the full interview by clicking the link below.

Jeff Fisher Joins The Pressbox

Coach Fisher discussed several topics, including his charity softball game, which will take place at T.R. Hughes Ballpark in O’Fallon, MO on Sunday, June 7th (Tickets for the game can be purchased here).

Tell us about Daniel Rodriguez, a war veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, now trying to make your roster.

“He’s a great story, very inspirational. He made a commitment to one of his fallen friends that he’d play football. He walked on to Clemson University and actually played the last couple of years as a returner and slot receiver. He wanted an opportunity in the NFL and we’re going to give him that opportunity, he’s been really fun to be around. Funny story we were in practice and normally at the end I tell the veterans to go over and stretch and cool down, while I keep the rookies. He was confused because he is a veteran so he asks, “Does that mean I go over there or stay here?”.”

Nick Foles looks like he’s commanding respect right away

“Yeah he’s been in here early working really hard and getting a good feel for the offense. It’s important for him at that position to develop key individual relationships with each player and he’s done that. He takes charge of the huddle, he’s very athletic and competitive, and mistakes don’t bother him. He’s learning fast and our defense is hard to go up against, but he’s not worried about making mistakes. He’s got a great arm and we’re very pleased with where he is thus far.”

Everybody in this area obviously has a great respect for Bud Sasser the Missouri wide receiver. How hard is it to tell him that it’s not going to work here, we can’t take this chance?

“Well it was very difficult. We’ve had numerous conversations. He’s an outstanding young man. We sent him to a number of specialists, but it’s difficult telling somebody “You failed a physical and we’ve been advised to not let you play football.” He’s going to be successful because he has that type of personality.”

Regarding Todd Gurley are you starting to get signs that he’ll be ready by opening day or are you not ready yet to commit there?

“We’re hopeful for that, but were not going to make a mistake and put hi out there too soon. He looks great and has incredible lower body strength. he’s bouncing back from this injury very well. For me to predict right now would be unfair, but he will absolutely be playing this year. There is no doubt he is returning to football.”