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Jim Thomas Breaks Down Rams’ Last Preseason Game, Talks Todd Gurley

Brendan Marks, Fri, 04 Sep 2015 16:23:00 GMT

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Rams beat writer Jim Thomas joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After Friday to discuss the Rams’ fourth and final preseason game, a 24-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

We typed up some major talking points from the segment. Listen to the whole interview below:

Point blank: Are the Rams any good?

“It’s hard to make that judgement based on the preseason. They were 0-4 and didn’t score more than 17 points in any of the four games. I think when it’s all said and done, the defense will be fine, especially when you look at the time when the starters are in. You kind of have the feeling…that when the real 16 start, they’ll be ready to go. On offense…it’s hard to see this offense coming out and getting much done at all. Especially when you consider they open up…against the Seahawks. The offensive line still isn’t settled in. And we’re not exactly sure who’s going to be at running back (to start the season).”

How far off is Todd Gurley from playing?

“He’s doing gradually a little bit more. But if I had to bet…maybe two or three weeks into the season. They seem determined to be patient and take their time with Gurley.”

What’re your odds the Rams leave?

“It still hasn’t changed. I still think it’s 44-56 they stay. What might move the needle is we have more developments on if they have all the land assembled for the stadium. I still think there are hold-outs. If they get this financing squared away, they still got some lose ends there.”

Here’s the entire segment:

Jim Thomas on The Morning After