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Jim Thomas Talks Rams’ OTAs, Offensive Line and Meeting on LA Stadium Projects

Brendan Marks, Thu, 11 Jun 2015 14:19:00 GMT

jim thomas of the st. louis post-dispatch was on the ryan kelley morning after thursday to give his observations from the rams’ organized team activities and discuss the latest owners meetings on the los angeles situation and the future of the nfl in st. louis.

We’ve typed up some notable excerpts from the interview. LIsten to the whole thing below:

On The Rams’ OTAs

What are your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far in the OTAs?

“Last week was very interesting. It looked like Santa Anna and the Mexicans storming the Alamo last week in terms of the defensive line pouring in on Nick Foles and it made you think is this going to work with the offensive line. But Tuesday he was getting the ball out quicker.”

On young offensive line:

“It really looks like they’re going to go with this young offensive line. Rob Havenstein will be at right tackle. Jamon Brown, the third-round pick, will play at right guard. They’ve got three players playing for center and none of them have played very much at all.”

How does the team look overall?

“This is easily going to be the best team talent-wise (head coach Jeff) Fisher’s had in his four years in St. Louis. I think Foles is good enough. If he stays healthy and is out there 14, 15 games, if they can block, I really think they can be a playoff contender. But there’s a lot of work to do on that offensive line.”

Is Todd Gurley practicing?

“He’s doing drills on the side and individual work. I’d be surprised if he begins training camp at the end of July right away. But I think they very well intend to have him out there on opening day against Seattle. He looks like he’s moving around OK out there.”

Los Angeles Saga

The NFL Committee on LA Opportunities met yesterday in New York. What was that about?

“That was a pretty routine meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to have Carson and Inglewood plans discussed and kind of an update on what the cost of the projects were. (Stan) Kroenke was in the room for this one.”

When do you think we’ll know what teams are moving to Los Angeles?

“I really think it might be sometime in December where they’ll let the teams file for relocation. It could be really strange if a team’s in the playoffs. I think the main thing they’re going to talk about in August…is compressing the timetable (for teams to file for relocation). We all know when they open that window that the Rams, the Chargers and Raiders are all going to file for relocation. At the latest, the league meetings in October is when they’ll decide on that timetable.”

If teams file in December (assuming that’s when the relocation window opens), how long would it be before owners vote?

“Maybe January or maybe they wait until February. I certainly don’t think they’re going to wait for the owners meetings at the end of March. They want to accelerate things. It sure doesn’t do much for the task force. I really think Oakland is dead in the water. And San Diego, I think that’s a real longshot for them to get it done. I think if you’re a St. Louisan, the thing to watch is San Diego. If San Diego stays put, the Carson project goes caput.”

Here’s the complete interview:

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