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Joe Strauss Discusses Cardinals, Holliday’s “Unselfish” Decision

Brendan Marks, Mon, 13 Jul 2015 16:47:00 GMT

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Joe Strauss discussed several Cardinals topics after calling into The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Monday.

strauss talked about the team’s weekend series against the pirates, the upcoming mlb all-star game and holliday’s decision not to play.

We typed up some notes from the interview, and you can listen to the complete segment by clicking below:

Thoughts on weekend in Pittsburgh?

“Phew. I caught some of that and everybody was kind of aroused about that win in Chicago. They may have closed the first half with the worst two games. As I’ve always said, the thing you remember most is the last thing you see and that was not a good thing.”

On Trevor Rosenthal’s weekend performances:

“You don’t want him out there a long time – he looked like he has nothing and was just kind of a sitting duck. Why do you have a man up in the bullpen (like Socolovich_ if you’re not going to use him – now you have a closer who threw 56 pitches in the past 24 hours. I’d be surprised if he threw in the All-Star Game.”

On the All-Star Game coming at a good time:

“I’ve thought that for the last two weeks to be honest. I think you have to be pretty calous to thing there’s not a fatigue element to this. A lot has been asked of this team and at some point it’s going to wear out. The pitching has been pretty good for the most part. But the hitting has still be rather pedestrian.”

“This is a good team but they have a tight blue print to win – if anything screws up in the bullpen or defense, they’re kind of screwed. We’ve seen that a few times in the last couple weeks.”

As far as helping the bullpen, do you think it’s just a matter of getting guys healthy or do you think they’ll make an outside move?

“I would think both. I think there’s definitely some reliever help needed. I think at some point you need more of a proven comodity out there. If not for the regular season – definitely the post season. I just htink at some point a couple of these guys are going to get exposed – the bullpen has been remarkable in the first half…you’ve probably squeezed all the juice you can out of a couple guys.”

On MLB teams making moves:

“A lot of questions and how teams perceive themselves will affect teams like the Cardinals and Pirates . It seems to me the Cardinals and Pirates are looking for the same thing. First base help, maybe bullpen help. These next two weeks may go a long way to see who’s going to win this division and maybe the NL Central can produce three playoff teams.”

How much of a difference do you think Matt Holliday makes?

“I think it’s a big stablizer for this club. Holliday is a leader and popular in the club house. It’s important to get him back. I applaud him and the organization for taking the stance they have here instead of push something to pull something off in the All-Star Game. I thought it was an unselfish decision by him.”

On Jaime Garcia:

“I think it’s start to start with Jaime. When he was described as having a cramp…Until he’s on the field, you have to consider him unavailable on an open minded basis. I’m always reluctant to assume facts not as evidence with Jaime.”

On Tim Cooney’s recent performances:

“I think what Cooney has done the last year starts has rehabilitated his standings to the extent that if they make a big ass, perhaps somebody else would be interested in that. As opposed to when he left St. Louis the first time, there had to be questions about whether his stuff could translate at this level. He may have improved his standing with somebody else. Perhaps his name resurfaces ina trade discussion fairly soon.”

Joe Strauss Talks Cardinals on The Morning After