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Just In Time For The Holidays: The Larry Nickel/James Dean Shirt

Tim McKernan, Wed, 12 Nov 2014 12:59:00 GMT

As the holiday shopping season approaches, do you want to let your friends know you’re a cool?
Is your boyfriend or husband obsessed with an AM talk radio show with no direction, preparation, or ratings?
Or do you just want to proudly wear the image of the best damn wrestling reporter since Mean Gene Okerlund on your chest?
Well, if so, CBS Sports 920 and has the perfect item for you:
The Larry Nickel/James Dean t-shirt.
About a year ago, former insideSTL VP of Web Operations Justin Boyd was hanging out with Larry Nickel on Washington Avenue.

We all do this.

If there’s one thing that’s a regular ritual at insideSTL since 2005, outside of me talking about myself, it’s bottle service at clubs and cocktail lounges at the trendiest of places.

McKernan Announces Larry Nickel Shirt on The Morning After

We. Are. Sexy. And. Successful.

As JBoyd and Larry were getting ready to roll deep in the club, JBoyd caught Larry in a candid moment, a moment that now lives on in this one-of-a-kind t-shirt: a man—a wrestling reporter—enjoying the soothing reward of a cigarette while he rests his sandals up against the historic buildings on Washington.

Photos: Larry Nickel Models New James Dean Shirt

It’s a moment that subtly conveys, Yeah, I cover wrestling, and I have it all figured out.
JBoyd was able to capture that moment, and now we pass it along to you with this wonderful t-shirt.
For $19.95 plus shipping, you can wear with great pride an image that is both timeless and inspiring.
Click HERE to purchase your Larry Nickel t-shirts and wear them with great pride to let your friends know you listen to a show they’ve never heard of.