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“Let’s Be Adults:” Cards Should Pull Trigger On Adding Offense, Strauss Says

Brendan Marks, Wed, 13 Aug 2014 16:23:00 GMT

as mentioned in a previous post, the cardinals were shut out for the 11th time this season in tuesday night’s 3-0 loss to the miami marlins.

They are now second to last in the Majors in runs scored, with only the lowly San Diego Padres scoring less.

The team sat pat offensively at the trade deadline, but Oscar Taveras continues to struggle and besides the return of Yadier Molina, nothing on the horizon suggests a big boost is coming.

“Let’s be adults, there’s nobody in this line up who’s on a rush right now,” Joe Strauss told the Ryan Kelley Morning After on Wednesday.

So what’s the team to do?

“At this point, if you could go find a right fielder who can give you some offense, i.e. a Marlon Byrd type of guy, I think you pull the trigger on it,” he said. “If you could get a Marlon Byrd for pennies on the dollar, and put him in right field at least in a time share, I think you have to consider it.”

Strauss says he was one of those at the forefront arguing Oscar Taveras would come around, but the breakout has yet to happen.

As much of an arousal factor as there was at giving Taveras Carte Blanche opportunity after trading Craig, he’s not done much about the opportunity,” Strauss said. “You basically have a .215 player hitting sixth in your line-up, that doesn’t get it for me.”

Strauss talks Cards’ woes; where to go from here?

Strauss says the Cardinals really only have two options: Go deep sea fishing for a bat, or shrug the shoulders and stay put.

“You’re in a pennant race, and you’re fading instead of rushing. If you can get someone with some pop, someone who projects as four-five-six hitter and the cost isn’t prohibitive, I think you have to do it right now,” he said.