The Morning After STL’s Richard Justice Talks State of the Cardinals, Possible Pitching Moves

Brendan Marks, Thu, 14 May 2015 13:52:00 GMT’s Richard Justice discussed a number of topics surrounding the Cardinals while on The Ryan Kelley Morning After Thursday.

We’ve typed out some of the more notable excerpts from the interview, but you can listen to the much more in-depth segment by clicking below:

Thoughts on the state of the Cardinals and their health:

“I think you look at it at the landscape of the division. Who’s going to compete with them? I think it seems to be against John Mozeliak’s DNA to give up prospects to take on money. I would go as long as I can before being pushed to do something.”

Who do you see as the team most likely to press the Cardinals in the division?

“Pull the plug on the Reds. Jay Bruce just hasn’t gotten it together. I love the Pirates…but they have problems in the bullpen. They have some problems in their line-up. At the end of the day…you trust the Cardinals more than you trust everybody else. It’s almost like what with the Cardinals and the Nationals…it’s not what you do here, it’s what you do in October. Right now…what I hear is there is nothing going on trade-wide. And other than Hamels, I don’t know who ultimately is going to be out there?”

Do you think the Cardinals have to set themselves up for a transition from Wainwright?

“I think what you’re hoping is you have to have an evolution. At some point you have to look and go, ‘OK, it’s your turn Lance Lynn, it’s your turn Michael Wacha.’ You have to understand when you have a Wainwright and a (Chris Carpenter), that’s very special. I don’t know that you’re going to get someone like that. It’s obviously huge what (Jaime Garcia) and (Marco Gonzales) do.”

Do you think the Cardinals may see their window closing and would be more aggressive to make a big deal for a starting pitcher?

“I think their whole DNA is to try to win now and win later. I don’t know if there’s a franchise in all of professional sports where the owner and GM are more on the same page. When you go and get Cole Hamels…you’re going to give up youth for age, you’re going to give up small money for big money. You better feel really good he goes out there and wins Game 1 for you. What you would have to give…you really, really need to win. Again…I would go back to see how those kids at AAA are doing.”

Justice, Strauss and the rest of The Morning After contingent discussed several other Cardinals topics. Listen to the whole thing here:’s Richard Justice on The Morning After