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NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport Talks LA Stadium Projects, Rams’ Future

Brendan Marks, Thu, 21 May 2015 13:03:00 GMT

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport is in San Francisco this week for the NFL owners meetings, where the topic of Los Angeles and relocation is a prominant topic of conversation.

Rapoport popped in on The Ryan Kelley Morning After Thursday to talk about some of the latest developments. We’ve typed out the whole conversation. Listen to the whole thing below:

Your take on what’s going on with the two Los Angeles stadium projects:

“There’s a lot of words. We go to these owners meetings…and whoever speaks…it doesn’t really matter until there’s a vote and know which teams are going to be there. We know there are two stadium projects and three teams who want to be there. But there’s not really much to say until anybody knows what’s going to happen.”

It’s clear Stan Kroenke wants out of St. Louis, right?

“What we know is that Stan Kroenke wants a viable, lucrative and beautiful stadium. If it works out in St. Louis in a way that hasn’t yet…then I think he’d be OK with that too. The bottom line is he could change that (Hollywood Park) land in to condos if he wants. I don’t know what his preference is. It’s his prerogative…to have his options.”

Raiders owner Mark Davis said the other day that St. Louis is not an option:

“It is not an option right now because St. Louis has a team. If the Rams do move…and Oakland is not viable, do I think Mark Davis would suddenly be open to a move to St. Louis? Yeah, I think he would.”

If funding is there and we know the downtown St. Louis stadium can be built, what do you think the chances are St. Louis has a team in the future?

“I would say the chances would be…pretty good that St. Louis would have a team. I don’t know for sure if it would be the Rams. There’s so many variables. It’s clear the city of St. Louis is far ahead of Oakland and San Diego in terms of stadium projects.”

Here’s the complete segment:

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