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Rick Hummel on Garcia’s Injury, Lynn’s Progress and Grichuk’s Breakout Season

Brendan Marks, Wed, 01 Jul 2015 14:47:00 GMT

Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After Wednesday to discuss several Cardinals topics, including Lance Lynn’s continued progression, Jaime Garcia’s injury status and Randal Grichuk’s break-out season.

Text and audio can be found below:

Rick Hummel on The Morning After

jaime garcia was suppose to throw a bullpen yesterday, but he didn’t. the cardinals are being kind of mum about him what are the chances you think of him starting on thursday?

I think it’s more likely of him starting on Saturday. You could start Wacha and Martinez and give him a day of rest. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wacha pitched tomorrow and Martinez pitched Friday.

He’s really hoss out there throwing 117 fastballs:

Yeah he’s probably the one pitcher who pitches the most into it, because he had the forearm issue obviously but it didn’t have anything to do with how many pitches he threw. Wacha, Martinez, and Garcia obviously you’re going to watch. Lackey is a 100-pitch guy so Lynn is the one who can throw 120 pitches.”

It speaks to the entire Cardinals rotation looking at Chris Sale who is a very good pitcher, 2.87 ERA, and then there are multiple guys on the Cardinals staff who have an equally good ERA if not better, but don’t get as much recognition.

I would say 2.87 ERA in the American league is a little bit better job because you have to face nine hitters, but the Cardinals in my mind have a number one starter in Wacha and then four number two caliber starters.”

Discussing Randal Grichuk:

I think he’ll be a very good all around player. I think he could lead the team in homeruns, he might even this year. He has games like did last night where he’s terrific and then he’ll have a game where he strikes out three or four times. He’s probably not a .300 hitter. But he could hit .265 with his speed and defense he could be a great player.”

I don’t know how you put Grichuk on the bench with the way he’s been playing?

Holliday for instance won’t play everyday, they’ll be a little more careful with him coming off of this injury. He’ll play five or six games a week instead of seven, which is where Bourjous and Jay would come in. Right now as I see it the starting outfield will be Holliday, Grichuk, and Heyward.”

When do you think Matt Holliday will come back?

I think they hoped he’d come back in the Chicago series next week. Realistically I think Pittsburgh is more likely and if he could come back first game after the All-Star break that would be okay too.”