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Rick Hummel on Lackey, Lyons, Molina and Cards’ Win Total

Brendan Marks, Mon, 15 Jun 2015 16:04:00 GMT

Hall-of-Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel called into The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Monday to discuss topics surrounding the Cardinals and the team’s two-game sweep of the Kansas City Royals and its upcoming series against the Minnesota Twins.

We’ve typed up some excerpts from the interview, which you can listen to in full by clicking the player below:

John Lackey is taking the Monday tonight against the Twins. Lackey’s pitching so much better at home this year. How do pitchers get such a comfort level at home as opposed to away?

“I think it’s an abberation really. He’s pitched so many years, I don’t know if he had that great of home record vs. road record at his other stops. A lot of his ERA is due to that one game in Colorado. He said one time to me that maybe Busch Stadium seems a little bigger than other stadiums.”

Tyler Lyons pretty well Saturday. Will they stand-pat with him in the rotation for now?

“I see no reason he shouldn’t start Friday in Philladelphia. The Phillies have a heavily laden left-handed hitting line-up…so that should be a team he should do OK against. If Lyons pitches well enough, they’ll find a spot for him. Might even keep him up for a while as a long reliever.”

What do you make of Lance Lynn’s injury?

“I don’t think it’s anything major compared to other hits they’ve taken this year.”

Over/under wins for the Cards?

“Ninety-five sounds good to me right now. Ninety-five will win the division and gives room for a four to five-game losing streak at some point.”

What’s your No. one concern for the Cardinals?

“The cant afford to lose Molina. You don’t replace that kind of catching and pitch-calling ability and leadership and whatever else he provides.”

Any future hall-of-famers on the current Cardinals roster?

Molina’s certainly a possibly, although voters tend to vote offense in his situation and his power numbers certainly aren’t going to be Hall-of-Fame type numbers. He’d be the only one I think has been around long enough to be considered.”

Rick Hummel Talks Cardinals on The Morning After