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Rick Hummel Talks Cards’ Opening Night Win, Heyward’s Debut and Wainwright

Brendan Marks, Mon, 06 Apr 2015 16:27:00 GMT

rick hummel of the st. louis post-dispatch joined tim, jim and doug on the ryan kelly morning after monday to discuss the cardinals’ 3-0 opening night win over the chicago cubs.

We’ve typed out the major talking points. Listen to the whole segment below:

On Jayson Heyward’s impressive debut:

“Not just on offense. He runs the bases well, he plays the outfield well. He’s going to be a very good player in many ways for them.

On Wainwright’s performance:

“He’s at his best when guys are on base, almost. He held the Cubs 0-11 with men in scoring position. He doesn’t have that kind of stuff to carve everybody up anymore. He’s going to allow hits. He doesn’t allow walks, though. The Cubs threatened, but he really didn’t threaten.”

On Jon Lester’s struggles:

“I’m sure game two for him will be a lot better than game one. It was ridiculous some of the leads the Cardinals were taking on him. Matt Carpenter was halfway to second base…knowing Lester wasn’t going to throw to first.”

Cubs defense looked bad. Will this be a continued problem you think?

“It’s going to be a problem they deal with all year. Just because…they have all these sluggers, you still got to play the game. They’re on their way to being a better club because they’re going to score some runs eventually. But they have a lot of fundamental work to be done.”

So even with all the added talent, do you think the Cubs are still a ways a way from competing for a division?

“You’ve got to learn how to win before you can win. They’re going to score a lot of runs when (top prospect Kris Bryant is up). Addison Russell is an excellent young shortstop…he’ll be up before it’s over. They’re going to be better. But you don’t go from last to first without stop growing pains along the way generally.”

Offense still your biggest concern with Cardinals?

“Sure. Heyward was the added element, plus another year of experience of (Kolten Wong). Those are the two guys whose upside you couldn’t tell (going into the season). Heyward has been good all spring long. It looks like he can steal 20 bases if he has to. You put another player with speed in this line-up that didn’t have much speed, that makes a different in itself.”

Hummel talked much more about the Cardinals’ Opening Night win. Listen to the complete interview here:

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