The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Bathroom mic covers and Bro Country

Last night’s NFL game was borderline unwatchable, The Cat croons as Tim talks betting, young Jameson McKernan has never seen a Cleveland Indians loss, what do we make of this weekend’s Cardinals vs. Cubs series, why does anyone care about Martinez’s hair, listeners like to share their lives with us, what percentage of the show do we kill just by reading the text line, discussing wheat farmers, who is the worst TMA Fan Page poster, Jennings is driving here later just to take part in the Lisa Ann interview, what happened with Tony Doe, there are still mic covers in our bathroom, Chris Gardner has a lot of recreational damage potential, why do people create fake Facebook profiles, listening to Meatloaf, Tim has a weird thing going on with U2, Doug wants The Cat to block Bono, Wishbone Ash is going to play the entire Argus album here according to Kenny Strode, what’s considered Bro Country music, Douglas rants about his fantasy baseball team, Producer Joe and Iggy are still sideways, discussing highway construction and traffic.

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