The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Between the Pipes with Daddy Padre

Doug isn’t going to be much good to us this New Year, Larry Nickel is our Inaugural Guest for 2018, F this weather, when is the next TMA Live, Doug watched a comedian work blue, Iggy hasn’t been awake for New Year’s in decades, Plow Boy spent the holiday with Cucky, discussing NYE television, what would it be like to date Jenny McCarthy, talking New Year’s marathons on TV, is our radio signal weak today, should we have a podcast called Between the Pipes with Daddy Padre, Plowsy is bringing heat with his drops today, why would you drive from Orlando to Stockton, should we drive to Spring Training, talking cig parlance, Doug is still upset about the emergency goaltender situation, when will pot be legal in MO, Doug wants to make all drugs legal for taxation purposes, Plow Boy apparently has some knowledge on the guards in women’s prisons, Iggy has written to a female inmate before, Plowsy talks prison and video games, is sex with a female inmate allowed, Larry Nickel is with us for the Inaugural WWE Recap of 2018.