The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Deke Dotem created

Doug had a date to the Blues game with a guy named Craig last night, where does the Vaughn family reside, discussing high-five etiquette, the real fans are smoking outside, Starter Hutton is a new hashtag, Plowsy fires an absurdly random drop, Dotem made a sweet soundboard, Darin was hanging with Cucky, Iggy has once again succumb to the AVN flu, Fun with Audio featuring Cherie DeVille and Alix Lynx, handicapping Mr. Nipples chance to catch Plops for Email of the Month, why did Dexter Fowler go golfing with his former Cubs teammates, teasing the new Cat Chat podcast, Joe Roderick calls in to talk about hanging with Janie TL, Jason Barrett has released his Afternoon Show rankings, Frank O. Pinion was confused by Doug’s commercial, remembering Vivian Azure, does Barrett need to recharge his batteries again.

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