The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Deke Dotem joins on-site at Normandie (6-1-18)

We’re live at Normandie today and Deke Dotem is on-hand, The Cat doesn’t understand Fleshlights, we only have 2 of them so the winners have to share, Big Al is at The Rock, Fred from the Poor Part of the Nail phones into the radio presentation from Las Vegas, discussing Kanye and Doug’s drive on I-170, how did the Dating Game winners become involved on Wednesday night, Plowsy predicted their victory, the details of a Fleshlight impress Plow Boy, discussing the lurker who brought flowers to Hotshots on Wednesday, Doug wasn’t happy with John Vaughn’s cursing, Dotem himself saunters up to the dais, listening to LeBron’s post-game comments last night, should shorts be worn with a suit, Doug says it’s all about the sock game now, were the Cavs done after the JR Smith play, flat breaking down LeBron, discussing school picnics, Jay had a big night on Wednesday.

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