The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Discovering New Aspects of The Godfather

What have we learned from radio consultants, is there good sushi in St. Louis, we’re all continuing to watch The Godfather, St. Gabes was a hot topic on the SLU broadcast with Danny Mac last night, are there any real people with the last name Dotem, Bill phones in claiming to have knowledge on The Godfather, continuing to workshop these 40 plus year old films, digging into the latest news on Stanton, how would Giancarlo stack up against attractive gentlemen in St. Louis, what are Craig Mish’s update percentages, the Dodgers might be in the mix but are they delayed due to the horrible fires in Los Angeles, The Cat describes the feel of MLB’s Winter Meetings, the TMA community is sweetening the pot for Stanton to come to St. Louis, unfortunate news about the passing of starlet August Ames, Tim found an interesting thread on Al Franken’s expected resignation.