The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Doug doesn’t understand Tech

Jennings is holding court today, remembering the day that Lukas was our board-op, discussing Fan Page questions for Doug and the defunct Cougar of the Month contest, Jennings holds Kolten Wong and the Sea Monster accountable, flat breaking down the appeal of the Barstool chicks, Tim has an exciting announcement regarding his podcast, Iggy is keeping Cable America alive, Doug needs to binge watch Game of Thrones now, Dotem hooked up Jay on Plex, Tim is hoping to return to golf soon, remembering when Jennings kissed Cletus, Caller Adam checks into the presentation, more technology talk, when will the Goob 11 meet again, back to the golf chatter and Vaughn’s natural swing, digging into Jay’s opinion on toe rings, Doug loves his boots, Plowsy kills it with drops, should Lisa Ann throw out the first pitch at Busch Stadium, discussing the IBS proper.

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