The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Doug rants about his broken iPhone (6-8-18)

Welcome to Chuckles, Doug’s phone isn’t working however he does have a burner phone, Vaughn is ranting already, how many listeners have his number, Prod Joe is suspended, discussing Doug’s fantasy baseball tactics, Charlie might have made a low ball trade offer, will Doug attend the St. Gabe’s picnic, talking about our shoes, Cardi B’s sister revealed that she’s bisexual, the phone lines are real poison, an update on the Plow Boy’s illness, debating the virtue of millennials, are we staging a Wiffle Ball Tournament this summer, when did wife-swapping become a thing, was Edison studly, Kody calls with an MMF tale, Plow Boy once walked-in on an Eiffel Tower, should we produce our own brand of Bleach.

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