The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Doug says it’s win or go home boy

MWBAH is an acronym for Matt Who Bowls at Hanks, why aren’t people named Lou or Doug anymore, deep teasing our conversation with Lisa Ann, Iggy has Lisa Ann’s back when it comes to Mia Khalifa, the National lost in the NLDS yet again, there was no drama at the end and the Cubs advanced to a 3rd straight NLCS, Doug was up late for his sportscast, Wade Davis bailed out Joe Maddon, last night was also the 5th Anniversary of the Nats botching Game 5 against the Cards, Nats gonna Nat, Sam calls with hot baseball takes, calling next is Mike who isn’t happy with Cardinals fans who root for the Cubs, Big Al is spitting hot takes and apparently has his own clubhouse, should Doug like the Yankees, Hayes roots for teams based on years of service with the Cardinals, #FunWithAudio from TBS post-game coverage, the notorious Tucker phones into the program, #AudioFun of Francesa counting, TMA Live is finally coming to Webster Groves, frozen pizza talk, how does Plowsy recruit on his NCAA video game.

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