The Morning After STL

Segment 1: Doug Vaughn sings Olivia Newton John

Doug’s dauber is down today and The Cat’s grade school coaching took a big step back, Mikolas fared better in the spirit box score, Cal May audio causes a Doug Vaughn giggle tantrum, discussing The Hipster of Tower Grove South, how is the Plow Boy this morning, recapping last week’s TMA Live, Iggy is having car trouble, Netflix disappeared from Tim’s Apple TV, Iggy has been watching movies that Mr. Skin says have terrific simulated sex, Jane Seymour was supposed to be available today, Doug sings over Olivia Newton John, when is The Bachelor finale, how many Soap Operas still air, there was a somewhat weak Free Dotem at the Honda Classic, Justin Thomas had a heckler ejected from the gallery, Tiger Woods seems like he’s officially back, is there yeah yeah occurring on the fairway, discussing eateries in Jupiter FL, describing an interesting screenshot on the Fan Page, additional golf chatter, arguing over a Rickie Fowler sound byte, how much cucking is taking place on the PGA Tour.

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